It's all about food this I present Mr brocolli.....woohoo...
After sliced them into pieces,I boiled them with salt water

After dunno how many minutes,it's ready to be served and it's edible of course..haha

Nothing much to write about this,as mentioned,i went to shop for some grocery and I bought brocolli as well,therefore, I cooked this today as my so called lunch,tea time and bla bla..haha. Just for fun only...I'm gd at it..kakaka

Spagetti picture is just for fun,cooked this few days ago,Im professional making spagetti,...haha

Home cooked fried rice

Wah wah,i went Jusco to top up some grocery,while I was pushing a trolley to every department in Jusco,I bought almost everything like,fruits,yogurt drinks,cheese sausages,honey and chili sausages,HL milk,CEreal ( my favourite ),after i was done with all these,i walked to the cashier and I felt something was wrong,it was like I missed something i hav to buy...few minutes after that,i realised that I hav always wanted to a fried a rice myself,so i walked to cold storage and buy some jagung and bean..( u know,the 1 big packet of stuffs that we normally eat outside ) haha...I was so excited when i eventually reached home,I sliced the onions,sausages,I left it aside. I grabbed a wok and heat it,pour PETROL inside..hahaha..jkjk.. Oil,not petrol,then 10 seconds later,PUFF,no GAS!!!!

Damn frustrated housemates always cook,that's why no gas la..Poor me,hav to walk to nearest market to buy gas,my paces were like running more than walking to the market..hahaha..u know la,can't wait ma...gek sim only..haha. So i reached home with gasses and started frying,everything went quite abnormally well..U wouldn't believe what happened..Firstly, I put onions and sausages in,fry it,then cooked rice next..As i was fying it,i was thinking SYOKNYA...can eat later..I tot i was done,mana tau,I havent put my bean and jagung,that's why look so boring...!! hahaha..No mood to i opened the fridge and grab the jagung,beans. Put alot though,stir is thoroughly. Yeah,it looked more like fried rice now...Finally,i tot it was done again,something hit me in the thought!!! WAIT WAIT...MANA TELUR SAYA??????? hahahaha

Then, i cracked the telur and fry again....lame lo...i cooked for about 25minutes...where got ppl cook so long wan..hahaha. Luckily,i was being smart to fry in low temperature,if not,CHAO FAN become CHA SIU!!! hehehe...**in cantonese*..
The picture as u can see above is the outcome,the taste is awesome wei..Maybe wanna become chef part time..kakaka..that's all about my fried rice story..hahaha!! Hope u guys can cook better than I do,long time din cook dy since my KING SCOUT camp in 5 years back..Rusty finger..Picture not very nice because my phone sucks in taking pictures..Buying camera soon...LUMIX FZ35..woohoo...After my final,Im officially a photographer!! hehe...

PSS>>> i also cook this..haha

I'm seriously addicted to this two girls voice and the great songs that can produce with or even without guitar..their voice combo just blown me away..hear that urself if you don't believe it ! I hope all u guys will enjoy watching it..In Christ we stand and Praise the Lord with all our heart,might and strength ! Hallelujah

Bubblegum songs

Song title is ' Our heart '

Hossana from hillsong

Turn to Jesus

Monday Morning

People get ready





Who says blogging is all about experiences and emotions or expression or posting pictures..It can also be videos that i like to share! It's all great videos btw,some funny,some entertaining,some is just breath taking..hehe..Hope u guys enjoy this truly and also,do be patient to hear this out..their VOICE is WALAO yeh!!!! hahahaha....
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PLs wait for a moment while waiting for this video to buffer..U will not regret watching it for sure! Satisfaction guaranteed!


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